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Time was that we were taught that the right to life was sacred and could only be obviated in support of a just war or in self defence. Then again, we were the children conceived and often born during or just after WW2. On the night I was born in London there were people doing their best to kill me when a street close to my birth place took a direct hit and was reduced to rubble. A number of people died I have never discovered how many. Now children are taught that the right to life is selective and if you will be of only nuisance value then it is perfectly permissible to prevent you ever seeing the light of day. I understand that the euthanasia lobby is having another try and who knows this time might succeed. It is no wonder that some of our present-day young see extreme violence as solution to their day to day problems. It is after all just an extension of what the state allows. We learn as much by implication as we do by direct tuition although the lesson is not always what society would like us to infer. I strongly doubt that our youngsters make a conscious decision to do violence because their sister had an unwanted pregnancy and took measures to end the incipient life within her. However we fallible humans are more often than not the victims of the prevailing mores of the society in which we live. If our society demotes the value of human life it must have an effect on our way of thinking as we pass through the levels of development that turn us into fully mature adults. The sacredness of the right to life has gone by omission, are we to belatedly regret its passing.